Work for studio Ossidiana included a collaboration for the T magazine party during the Salone del Mobile 2019 inspired by their work for the Prix de Rome, which was exhibited during the event.

with studio ossidiana

Tierra Garat speaks about coffee and its origin, the coffee fields and farms that transport us to a natural, honest, simple, and sophisticated Mexico; forged out of textures, the aroma of leather and earth, iron and knits of a “Coffee Brown” monochromatic Mexico. A place of memory and materiality, that brings us back to the roots, disclosing the untold story of Mexican coffee.

with esrawe studio 

Winning project for a city entrance for the municipality of Amstelveen in The Netherlands.  Amstel.Veen looks to bring back the heritage of the city as a peatland (het veen) and its connection to the river Amstel, which gives it its name. To make it visible as a way to welcome visitors and remind inhabitants of their history. 


Concept project for a music house on the edge of the Dijksgracht. The transparent stage extends the waterfront from the canal, integrating the building with its surrounding landscape, while the water reflections dance to the music that it's being performed. 

casa de música

Fifteen hundred plaster bunkers for "beyond the Atlantic burden", pillows for the permanent installation of breaking habits in the Mondrian Funds and maquettes for de Deltawerk are a few highlights of the work with Studio RAAAF.

with studio raaaf 

Mainly focused on hospitality, for studio AOMA projects included the award-winning Explorean Cozumel, Fiesta Americana Cozumel and Aqua Monterrey.

with studio aoma 

Concept project for an ideal house in constant change. Starting from a wireframe based on the archetypical drawing of a house - the way a child would draw it - when rotated it reveals seemingly infinite possibilities in its program, depending on the perspective and the placing of the surfaces.

infinite house