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(b. 1991) Based and living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With a background in Architecture, she moved to Amsterdam

to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and later on at the Sandberg Institute.

Her practice intersects the fields of architecture, linguistics and technology. I constantly search for connections between seemingly distant worlds, trying to grasp the ungraspable, pinpointing what is not quite there. Humour is important in her work, as well as the use of existing material which she uses to compose new narratives.

Her current research is focused on A.I. and language.


She is part of ARIAS Amsterdam, where she leads the A.I. thematic line. 

Founder of COVEN, a feminist research collective

And her work has been shown at venues like: 


Stedelijk Museum

If I can't Dance

Festival Why Not


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