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Excuse me, we need some space 

(2018 Museumplein) 

This performance occupies public space by slowly unfolding four textile pieces that once extended and put together, form a real size image reproduction of a prototype for the border wall between Mexico and the U.S. 

Through open calls volunteers are asked to become performers and to share their motivations and personal experiences if and when the public approaches. 

During the event, both the performers and the public become estranged from each other, uncomfortable by the action of occupying and the occupation itself. Taking space, feeling the space being taken from you, watching and being watched, asking;

who is the other?. 

Tension is built until someone from the public dares to break it, then dialogue starts. 

By taking the prototype out of its context and confronting it with a new one, I search for a way for people to imagine this happening in their reality — their own country, city, neighbourhood — to bring image and object closer, while questioning our roles in public space, it's rules and regulations, the right to occupy it and our freedom of movement.

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